ICRA strives hard to create a positive and far-reaching impact on society and hence our endeavor is to implement the true spirit of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility, in line with the guidelines set forth in Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013.

The vision of this initiative is to transform the lives of people through education, skill development and mental health initiatives. Some of our key initiatives are: .

Skill Development Programme

  • Market Aligned Skill Training Project

    ICRA has joined hands with the Anudip Foundation for Social Welfare in its pursuit to empower and help develop skills of the youth in India. We hope to create an engaging ecosystem for the youth through Market Aligned Skills Training (MAST) in West Bengal. It is a three-month full-time course, completely focused on developing the beneficiary’s job skill needs through a curriculum that is developed and customised, based on employers’ requirements. The programme will provide in-depth training in IT skills, English language skills, workplace readiness and mock interviews. The graduating students will have access to job placement services across the industry sectors. The course is enabled with various digital platforms like e-learning online/offline modules, access to digital training curriculum such as video and audio presentations and games that encourage participants for self-learning.
    ICRA believes that every child has the right to education and thus each must have access to quality education. With this belief, the company supports different formal and informal education projects across India.

  • Make My Mark

    “Make My Mark” is a joint effort of ICRA and Biswa Gauri Charitable Trust to create a simulated workplace i.e. a vocational learning centre to train children with autism about various printing techniques. This will eventually grow into a sheltered work-place for adults with autism to enable them to lead a productive life. Under these projects, students are encouraged to achieve their full potential in the academic, creative, physical, emotional, spiritual and moral sphere. These projects provide quality education and an opportunity to learn the creative arts, change their mindset, build their confidence and help them stand out to be the potential leaders of tomorrow.

Education Programme

  • Residential Learning Camp
    The residential camp is a collaborative effort of ICRA Limited and Seva Mandir, to provide an accelerated and customised education programme in Udaipur. This is targeted at bringing out-of-school children and inducting them into the mainstream formal education system. As a part of this endeavour we set up residential camps and help these out-of-school children “to read and write independently and with comprehension.” Three different camps are organised during a year for a batch of 100-150 children. The camps are fully residential for both children and teachers, where children are exposed to self-learning through activity-based and multi-level learning.

  • Sponsorship Projects
    ICRA firmly believes in promoting Inclusive Education for the children. It means we strive hard to nurture ecosystems that enable “Learning for All.” With this vision in mind we are currently involved in two such initiatives.
    We have partnered with the Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust to provide education to the specially-abled children. This project is currently being implemented in Delhi.

    The other notable programme, being run along with Vidya Integrated Development for Youths and Adults (Vidya), provides quality education to underprivileged children.

Employee volunteering
While we work with several external agencies by virtue of our various outreach programs. We firmly believe that more is required. Hence we run a lot of volunteering initiatives within our organization as well. It is a great platform for ICRA employees to engage in the social outreach initiatives and community programs, it also strengthens our ongoing projects where necessary. We also sensitize every employee about the challenges that our society faces today through various means to make these projects sustainable and create larger impact. We strive hard to ensure that each and every employee should contribute towards the society in some or the other ways thereby enabling people to become responsible and work towards a larger agenda of “Citizen Social Responsibility”.